La Cima del Mundo is situated in the Valley of Chirripó, the tallest mountain in Costa Rica, in Chimirol de Rivas, or more specifically in the locality of Chucuyo.

We are at 1300 meters above sea level (4,265 feet). The temperatures are wonderfully refreshing all year, and the nights are relatively cool – perfectly wonderful sleeping weather! This is not a typically hot tropical area, but it is cool and refreshing.

We are in the center of several private reserves that are touching Chirripó National Park, which represents a wonderful biological corridor. Chirripó is adjacent to La Amistad International Park, which extends well into Panama through some of the most wonderful, rugged country in Central America. This biological corridor boasts many animals and bird species that pass unfettered through these two parks, comprising the largest contiguous biological reserve in Costa Rica.

In the center of this natural setting you will meet complete peace and serenity.

There is a lovely view over San Isidro del General, the largest city in Costa Rica outside of the Central Valley/San Jose area. There are many fantastic views over the surrounding mountains. There are amazing sunsets here all year!

A stay in this magnificent, high mountain valley will give you an opportunity to encounter a more rural, quiet, warm and welcoming Costa Rica, away from the noise and bustle of the more commercialized tourist centers. You can slow down and appreciate what Costa Rica is really all about! This area is in stark contrast to what you will find on the coast which is just an hour away.